The Hatred (2017) 

Director/Writer: Michael G. Kehoe 

Starring: Sarah Davenport as Regan, Andrew Divoff as Samuel Sears, Darby Walker as Alice, Shae Smolik as Irene, Gabrielle Bourne as Layan, Bayley Corman as Samantha, Alisha Wainwright as Betaine. 

Plot: Four young women travel out to their professor’s new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house harbours a mysterious amulet that holds a malevolent history. 

Where do I begin? The first twenty-something minutes is a back story, which sounds pretty cool right? Wrong. It seemed to have so much potential at the start, Samuel Sears, an ex Nazi general, escaped his past and moved to the states with a clean slate, still proud of his Nazi heritage. He receives a package one day containing an old amulet  that was stolen by the Nazis during the war, the amulet is said to feed off hatred and fear. So anyway some stuff happens, we then find Samuel randomly stumbling towards his wife,  we never find out the answer as to why?  I am still asking myself this and it’s extremely annoying. 

Okay now that that’s out the way, cue the group of ditzy, annoying college girls that think they are clever but we just know they’re not. Their acting was so flat I just couldn’t see them develop as characters, they lacked so much personality,  I think this is due to the long back story section of the film, we only needed 10 minutes at the most to get a bit of history, allowing more time and effort in the character development side of things. Regans’ character (Davenport) is the only slightly interesting one throughout the entire movie. The whole group are just so cliche and rather annoying, the writing definitely had a part to play in this though, if the characters were given better dialogue I feel the development of the whole movie would of excelled. 

I will admit though, the crew did well to produce the movie on an $800,000 budget, there were some pretty cool cgi moments that had a lasting effect on the movie, the things we see were pretty creepy.  

The most annoying thing about this movie for me, is the lack of answers. We see some German writing appear on the wall right before someone dies and it doesn’t even pop up with subtitles, they offer us no translation at all so we are sitting there in the audience kinda scratching our heads. 

It was all a bit misleading really, we never really find out how the characters die, our main girl Regan, who apparently loves her friends so much, leaves them behind not even bothering to check on them or find out whether they actually died or not. The ending was a bit of a farce really, the writing was flat, the ending was poor and the movie tried to go off everyday childish fears, including the classic short horror story that goes like this “there’s a monster under my bed” *checks under the bed* and there’s another child under there saying “there’s a monster in my bed” it was all just a bit boring really. 

I really wanted to enjoy this movie because it had so much potential, the story was solid, a Nazi general making a new life then dying, leaving the amulet behind to be found. Unfortunately Kehoe really didn’t step up to the mark in the writing or directing for that matter. The Hatred, should be called “The Hated” because sadly I really disliked it, the idea was there, but nothing else was. 

For this movie in having to go pretty low on the scoring system, a rather dismal 3 out of 10 for me, I can’t even think of a snappy rating system for this movie, that’s how much it disappointed me. 

*I do not own any images used this review* 

Stay Scary folks. 


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